Our Two Cents For 2016

Mobile Marketing Data Insights

Smartphones and tablets have not only changed the way consumers interact with technology; they have significantly altered the marketing landscape for brands as well. According to comScore, 2015 is the first year where mobile traffic exceeded the traffic coming from desktop computers. In 2016, marketers will need to harness the power of data to keep pace with mobile trends and the rise of wearable technology such as smartwatches, location generated ads on platforms such as Waze, and paid ads on social apps.


The Consumer Journey and Targeted Advertising

Marketers can create mobile campaigns that encourage viewers to download an app that can be tracked and refined for higher conversion rates. Once a consumer has downloaded an app, marketers can track app usage, and identify the conversion journey of every user. As 2016 continues, more brands will begin to leverage the consumer journey and target buyers with a personalized message.

If a brand doesn't have an app, or the consumer doesn't download it, marketers can still use social media analytics tools to learn more about the topics that generate the most engagement and conversions.

Location-Aware Technology

Marketers who connect location data to powerful CRM systems are a step ahead of the competition. The power of location data lies in the consumer relationship; allowing for greater personalization and the building of brand loyalty.

Location information, combined with consumer history and interaction, can be used by marketers in a variety of ways to prompt action from the consumer. For example, Audi is using location data analysis tools to send incentives to prospects when they visit a competitor location. Retailers can now segment successful ads and campaigns by location, casting a wide net to consumers who are located at airports and other public transport terminals, based on data that shows high volumes of mobile users and buyer interaction.

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Video for Mobile Search

Think with Google recently published information from the YouTube Insights team, stating that "people who view videos on their phones are 1.4X as likely to watch ads as those who view videos on desktop computers or televisions."

With the help of mobile data analysis and video creation for mobile users, marketers will be able to release highly personalized videos to drive better results. Due to the nature of mobile users and their likelihood to share videos, brands have a unique opportunity to attract new audience members with each new video campaign.

Marketers who learn how to harness the power of mobile data, and create ways to reach the consumer with personalized offers, will be the leaders of 2016 and beyond. Marketing has changed, and brands need to identify a mobile strategy that utilizes the consumer journey, location information, and the power of video to succeed. These are the brands that will see traffic and conversion graphs move in the right direction, long after the mobile strategy has launched.