How Good Is Your Content Strategy?

There was a time when SEO was a relatively simple beast; just hit the right keywords, produce some good content that other publishers can share and link to, and watch your site clamber up those precious search engine rankings.

So Why Are Your Content Strategies Failing?
Nowadays the goalposts have shifted, and then shifted again, and then shifted a few more times for good measure. Anyone working in SEO or content marketing who tells you that they haven’t been left scratching their heads is probably not telling the truth, so how do you get on top in this often confusing business?

A successful content strategy is vital. Read on to find out why your content strategies are failing, and discover what you can do to put that right.


Withholding the Good Stuff

Very often, publishers and webmasters end up with two content piles: the good stuff, for publishing in-house, and the second-rate stuff for shipping out to other sites. Why would anyone want to publish the second-rate stuff? And why would anyone want to read and share it?

The content you use for content marketing has to be at least on a par with your best stuff, otherwise, your entire strategy will fall apart.

No Strategy

Strategy? What strategy? We just produce content and ship it out. Well, if you’re doing this, you’re on a one-way highway to Failsville. 

Content marketing needs a strategy. You need to have a game plan and to know where you and your team are going with this. Devise a style guide to ensure consistency of voice across your content, define some criteria for success so you can gauge your process, set yourself a regular publishing calendar to make sure that your content is always hitting the market, pull your team together in a concerted effort, and create infographics and other media to diversify your content. Seriously, in this game failing to prepare really is preparing to fail.



You’ve got to ask yourself: ‘ Is our content useful? Do people actually want to read it?’ If your content is basically just advert after advert extolling the virtues of your lovely organization, then the answer to both of these questions is probably a resounding: ‘no’.

It is tempting to proclaim your business’ worth from the rooftops, but content marketing strategies must focus on the end user. If the user isn’t gaining any useful tips, advice or insight, they aren’t going to bother with your content, and neither should you.


Ignoring SEO

SEO is dead, is it? Well, it is as dead as the Page Rankings of those sites that abandoned it. Like we mentioned in the intro, the SEO goalposts have shifted and keep on shifting, but that doesn’t mean we can totally turn our back on the discipline.

It is vital for webmasters and content publishers to keep abreast of SEO best practices and to employ them within their content strategies. It is also vital to keep track of what is and isn’t working and to use this data in planning your next steps. Fail to do this, and you are putting yourself at an instant disadvantage.

Using an outsourced SEO partner agency like The Big Red Balloon can help you to get your digital strategies back on track, whether you want to focus on blogs, video, infographics or other media.


Ignoring Social Media

Ignore the power of social media at your peril. This loosely collective term unites a wealth of highly-effective – and usually free – tools that can provide all manner of boosts to your content marketing strategies.

Need to raise search engine prominence? Need to build authority in your chosen field? Need to drive traffic direct to your pages? People often overlook the power of social media in achieving all of these things; make sure that your organization has effective social media strategies in place to complement your content efforts. 

Have you identified the problem with your content strategies? Hopefully, now you have the tools required to put it right!