It’s a social world! We're all guilty addicts.

For centuries our curiosity remained hungry; in search for a great story and insight to something we can connect to. From early childhood, we all associated with great storytellers. This enhanced our imagination and urge to explore the possibilities. Our addiction to great stories and insights make us unique. We continuously share and inspire others; in a way we are all storytellers looking for a voice. Today we are all guilty addicts who are hungry for fresh and innovative content.  

We scroll through feeds with rapid speed, actively on the lookout for something that will capture our attention. We've become so addicted that our thumbs are slightly larger than they should be. Researchers even suggest that our postures are changing, as a result, majority of us will develop arthritis. If you are wondering why, turn off your phone or tablet for an hour to see what happens. The chances are, you will fail to last 30 minutes without your device. I admit, I wouldn't either. Social media platforms  allow us to fulfill our cravings and know what's going on at every moment of the day. We now know what our neighbour ate for lunch. 

Our addiction "to know" and "to see" goes beyond social platforms straight into our inbox, and device notifications. Today's consumers are hyperactive hungry addicts. They are on the hunt for solutions, ideas and motivation. Consumers are more then ever engaged proactively providing feedback, they share, tweet, like and comment. Today's consumers are paving a sustainable framework for brands that are actively listening and adopting. Our followers are brand advocates, connecting us to others alike.

The questions we, here at The Big Red Balloon ask marketing leaders, often takes them off balance. Justifying their approach to only at the end of their rapid reply state; "we do agree social is something we should invest more time in". The question is simple; What are you currently doing to influence your hyperactive social prospects? Without a doubt brand storytelling is the most effective way to reach existing opportunities. Opportunities that are unsegmented and blind to your business development department. Utilization of social is the ultimate way to influence action, to promote products and services in a creative way. 

The power of social media, at this point is an undebatable, proven system of scalable methods of marketing. Don't be alarmed though, since storytelling does not cost an arm and a leg. Social media is an affordable way to express your brand's story to a target specific group of prospects.

Here are some thoughts to consider of what we feel are important elements to ignite your social media platforms.



Without a doubt, great visuals attract more attention. "Tweets with images receive 18% more clicks, 89% more favourites and 150% more retweets." (Source) Next time you craft an awesome post, think of visuals as a compliment to the copy. Majority of your prospects are visual learners, that associate with imagery more so than plain old text. According to a Content Marketing Institute study, 65% of us are visual learners. Last year, infographic usage grew from 9% to 25% as per @DG_Report. This is not a surprise, but rather a complement to crafty marketers who really understand our cravings. Ignite your blogs and social with visuals that your prospects are in search of.



We view content marketing as the most innovative approach to establishing a relationship with your targeted audience. Content marketing, by far is the most effective way to tell your brand's story and share the insights your prospects are in search of. Content Marketing Institute states that "72% of B2C marketers are producing more content than they were one year ago." We often come across brands with awesome products and services that, in a way inspire us. However, their visibility is empty and dry as the Sahara Desert. To this point, we've been fortunate enough to assist brands in ways such as establishing their digital footprint, and social assets. Keep in mind, your prospects are extremely engaged, tell your story or collect dust. It's important for organizations to understand that brand storytelling is the ultimate power in today's social world. Share and inspire your prospects with unignorable content. Let us know how we can help and formulate a unique digital footprint.



One of the biggest misconceptions with social marketing is that you need to be on every platform. When we connect with new prospects, their biggest challenge is in social media management. Some organizations manage to maintain seven to eight platforms. Props to those who do it well! Truth is, not every platform is the same, nor should it be used in a same way to market. While trying to maintain eight platforms at once, understand that you are doomed to fail if you cannot sustain the same frequency and attention to all. Social neglect is very visible once you notice inconsistencies with posts, and engagement rates cross-platform. This is a bad scenario, especially with those who are just starting out with social media . Prospects judge the credibility of your organization and brand by digging in on your social networks. What we tell our clients is to focus on a maximum of three platforms, and focus on their followers as they grow. We assist organizations to gain the attention they deserve. 



It's all about the offer! Establishing an offer is one of the crucial components of inbound and content marketing. By far, it is the most important component. Prospects are "not" going to provide you with their data if the offer is not compelling enough. Motivate your prospects and give them an airtight logical reason to why they should take an advantage of your offer. Whether it's a case study, whitepaper or even a podcast; an offer is supposed to provide the prospect with insights and tactics to solving their challenges. Case studies are an awesome way to showcase your expertise and influence prospects to engage. In the content marketing world, HubSpot is a true preacher, offering insights every digital step you take on their site. Practice reciprocity. 



If you are not using analytics to track, measure and listen to your prospects, you must be living under a rock. Social analytics are the ultimate backbone, dictating your every social move. With sophisticated applications such as quintly, organizations can track, and measure their social efforts. Analytics allow socially active organizations to adopt and produce target specific content. We often come across marketing leaders who undervalue analytics and look for every excuse in the book not to invest in analytics. The only logical reason in our mind is that they fear the truth; analytics don't lie. With that point, analytical applications, such as quintly, will allow organizations to also look at the competitive nature of the business. Wouldn't you want to know what your competitors are doing? Or how successful their social approach is? Information is beautiful!



From digital to social strategy, the most successful brands add a certain flavour to their value proposition; motivation. They often fascinate the prospect with innovative and creative approach, urging prospects to come back for more. In a way, you can sense pure passion behind the value. Brands that fascinate, actually influence their prospects into taking action. They create a "trust" environment, catering to their prospects journey. Stop thinking of a traditional approach to business and applying same old principles. Go out and innovate, motivate and be exciting; think outside of the box. As we always say at The Big Red Balloon, be a lazy marketer in search for crafty solutions, rather than a copycat of same old boring strategies. One of our all-time favourite companies that we find extremely fascinating is MOZ. Check them out, you'll see what we mean! 



Simplicity sells, and it is beautiful. The fact is, most prospects are in search for simple quick fixes. Truth is, no prospect is in search for complex solutions and confusing strategies. Don't over complicate with nurturing strategy, rather, use analytics to understand your customers and prospects more. Transform to an agile approach to feed your prospects with content they are in search for. Same goes for the content you publish; if it's too complex or technical keep it away from your blog, package it into a whitepaper. Remember, follow the KISS principle "Keep It Simple And Stupid", prospect appreciate digestible material. 

Takeaway: Stop interrupting your prospects mental pattern, but rather be a part of it without an interruption. You social butterfly.