Know What’s Exactly Working: Social Media Analytics Tools

Hopefully one day we can autopilot social media, but till then we found these crafty tools to assist with your efforts. Insights are the ultimate key when it comes to social media engagement. These robust tools help us make the sense of the situation. 

They essentially give us the ability to know what’s working and what's not. Curious about your followers and performance? What posts make the most effort? Or even what times work the best? Start gathering insight and give these tools a run.


1. Collecto


If Instagram is your calling, Collecto offers full overview of your stats. Collecto dashboards allow a quick overview of your most liked, most commented and most popular photos. Quite impressive. 

2. Google Analytics 

Widely used and the most popular choice for analyzing web traffic. Google Analytics allows for a extensive overview of traffic sources and acquisitions. Goal tracking is one of the popular features enabled, allowing the end user to track the impact of social media engagement. Highly recommended!

3. ViralWoot 

The ultimate Pinterest tool! Viralwoot allows it’s users to promote, schedule pins, and gain new followers. The analytical dashboard is quite robust that shows users, new followers, new repins, new likes, and pin alerts. 

4. Buffer

We Buffer with love. Buffer provides engagement stats for every update you post on Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Awesome tool!

5. Followerwonk 

Cool detailed breakdown of your Twitter followers and activity. Followerwonk is a crafty tool you should utilize immediately! Followerwonk will allow you to see detailed information on your followers and following, with stats like no other when it comes to activity, tweets and follower count. 

6. Iconosquare 

Instagram management tool on steroids. Iconosquare includes full overview of analytics showing, viewership, likes, comments, followers and breaks it all down to the timeframe. 

7. SumAll

SumAll allows users to connect their Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn and other platforms while it does it’s magic in the backend gathering insights. SumAll will email insights daily, or weekly as per your preference. The dashboard is pretty accessible and enhanced for simplified viewing. 

8. Beevolve 

Beevolve is simply perfection at it’s finest. Fully automated smart tracking system allowing users to track their dollars spent, emphasizing on ROI. Capabilities include messaging, response tracking, and reporting. 

9. Keyhole 

We all hashtag, but the question really is how successful are we? Keyhole can help with the process by tracking and analyzing your efforts. 

10. Quintly

Quintly will let you measure and analyze your Facebook efforts. Offering metrics for likes, comments, and shares. Not to forget Quintly also allows multi page tracking and graphing. 

11. Cyfe 

Match made in heaven! Cyfe is a robust tool with custom functionality allowing the user to create custom dashboards. Did we say robust? Well Cyfe allows you to connect your most used platforms and provides individual stats. 

12. Klout 

Do you care to know your influence score? Klout presents it all for you and scores your influence on a scale from 0 to 100. Also, Klout will tell you on which platform your efforts influence the most. Pretty awesome tool!

13. MyTopTweet 

Simple, easy and elegant. MyTopTweet will rank your top 10 tweets according to the number of retweets. Give it a shot, see how you rank.

14. HowSociable

How brave are you? HowSocialbe allows you to enter your brand name and it will do all the work scoring your brand on social media when it comes to platforms such as; Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and LinkedIn. 

15. TweetReach

The ultimate power is in your hands. TweetReach is refreshing! Search up any keyword, hashtag and TweetReach will analyze it all providing quite crafty analytics. Includes charts and graphs for reach, activity, contributors and lastly exposure. That’s right exposure!