What We Stand For

At the end of the day, it doesn't matter what industry you are in, or what you do exactly. Whether you are in advertising, manufacturing, education or even a mom & pop shop selling burgers, people matter the most. People are what make unique companies, establish value and provide that unique edge. We believe in the people. Our people are our value proposition, allowing us to explore and grow with our passions. We stand for our people, and value equality, culture and unique desires. Our clients might be the driving force for our paycheques and bonuses, but our people are the true force behind the dollar value.  

Corporate Culture

Some spend their whole lives in search for perfection, recognition and often a voice. Within our confined creative spaces, our people carry a distinct voice of passion. We take a collaborative effort to allow our internal departments to unite and strive for perfection and simplicity at it’s finest. As humans, we are aware that perfection is a theory and hardly ever achieved, but with determination, we persevere to conquer new grounds and chase perfection. We grow and groom our talents allowing them a breath of freedom. Our hives are populated by talent from every corner of the earth. Therefore we stand united to grow our talents and help each other as humans. We are only human, and we make mistakes too. We treat our people with the highest degree of honesty, we help them when they are in need; with their jobs, illnesses and overall support.

Red Tape

We do not believe in handing down orders and corporate bureaucracy. Our executive team is accessible to all employees and work collaboratively developing skills and consistently adapting to change. Gentle manners, polite approaches, and advocacy are the core competencies we all carry. We promote the “No Red Tape” policy which allows us all to express our creative freedoms. This ensures that all of our members have the complete independence when it comes down to day to day objectives. At The Big Red Balloon, we strive for full transparency not only with our own people but also with the consumers we market to. Focus on a high degree of ethics are essential to anything we do, and we ensure it’s practices daily.

Our Members

The Big Red Balloon members are a group of collaborative and honest “go-getters” with entrepreneurial mindsets. Besides the projects or campaigns we are engaged in, our members and departments unite as one. We all carry the same passion, we design and build, argue and solve. Our members are our family. We are bold, brave and inspiring crowd of professional problem solvers. We treat each other with respect and compliment each others work. The Big Red Balloon is fun, learn, target driven machine.  

Clients & Performance

Scalable offerings and creative innovations developed by The Big Red Balloon were established alongside clients we admire. Our business was established to promote change among the vast marketplace craving for innovation. Campaigns and projects are tested through and developed alongside our clients who solely encourage our unique approach. We motivate and inspire our base, our consumers, and our members. Our performance is measured through analytical data, which is ultimately the backbone of The Big Red Balloon. 

We’re fun, exciting and bold! Working for The Big Red Balloon is a refreshing start to an exciting professional career. Our policies ensure for a great work life balance. Every member is actively engaged in the idea generation. Your ideas and opinions do matter. The Big Red Balloon is a team-oriented environment that promises for our culture to always stay fresh and exciting. We are consistently on a hunt for great new talent. Please drop us a line, and tell us a little overview about yourself. Mind you, we only hire leaders not followers.

Become a member: hello@thebigredballoon.com 



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Open Positions

Senior Graphic Designer

We are looking for an agency oriented individual with a passion and desire to bring ideas to life. As the Senior Graphics Designer you will be responsibility for developing design and brand strategies from the initial concept through to completion.

You will be responsible and oversee a wide range of creative projects within the pipeline. As the senior member of The Big Red Balloon you will help mentor junior and intermediate members of our creative hive, ensuring their continued growth. 


  • Demonstrate capacity to deliver quality design, with superb knowledge and expertise in Adobe design software, primarily in Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign
  • Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines
  • Excellent communication skills
  • 5+ years of experience, preferable at an agency

Account Manager

This role is suited for a go-getter, known for getting things done! Detail oriented with high focus on set goals. The Account Manager will work closely and report to the Director of Client Services. The role requires the responsibility of managing projects, timelines, budgets for several accounts. The role also requires assistance per project basis with planning initiatives, creative briefs, project management and strategy. 


  • Manage projects from briefing, through production to final delivery.
  • Establish relationships with the client, as their point person.
  • Oversee the financial aspects of projects.
  • Assist with strategy sessions and develop inspiring briefs.
  • Experience in the areas of digital, social and branding
  • Fluent in English & French, spoken and written
  • 5 years of experience, preferable at an agency


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