We are excited to propose with confidence an extension to your team. Great brands should not subject to limitations. 
Therefore, we are looking to add the following;

Dedicated Strategist
Dedicated Account Manager
Content Writers
Graphic Designer

Our dedicated team will ensure that outlined business initiatives are met and delivered. MarkWel will have a dedicated strategist that will meet with the executive team on bi-weekly/monthly basis, in the excess of 4 hours per month on consultative services. 


The Starter Program is virtually a perfect fit for, MarkWel since it's designed to suits brands with low digital presence. This program will enable the brand to actively engage and secure agreements within the marketplace. Since the Starter Program focuses on establishing the awareness and the presence within the market at a higher conversion rate of sales closed.

Do something unique something worthwhile, something scalable. The Starter program will allow you to control and allocate your investment in real time. The program will gather qualified monthly leads that have a higher chance of closing, at the same time it will provide your brand with awareness, through social media platforms. This program cannot be replicated by outbound models. To that point, this program minimizes setbacks and common objections. 

The Starter Program is an annual program with the investment of $4,000/month. The total investment required for full term (12 months) equals to a sum of $48,000. HubSpot Basic is an optional service, not included.  


Creative & Development

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